General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services 

Your dental health impacts your overall wellness, so it is important to see your dentist for regular checkups. You also shouldn’t hesitate to get treated if you have a dental emergency. But we understand how intimidating dental appointments can be. The team at Dolman Dental and our general dentistry services can help you feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist.

Whether it’s a preventive procedure such as cleaning or you need treatment such as a filling or tooth extraction, Dolman Dental can help with our general dentistry services. Your dentist will also be able to provide an oral cancer screening to keep you healthy.

Here are some of the services that our team can help you with:

Comprehensive oral exam

A regular comprehensive oral exam is important for your oral and overall health. Our friendly team members look at the condition of your teeth and mouth. We check the muscles of the head and neck, the jaw joint, teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, and airway. X-rays are taken to check for issues such as tooth decay, bone loss, oral diseases and other oral health issues. In addition, our comprehensive exams include screening for oral cancer.

Dental Hygiene

Professionally cleaning your teeth is vital to help prevent gum disease and bone loss. Calculus is hardened plaque that cannot be removed at home and must be removed by a trained professional.  Our friendly hygienists will also polish your teeth and apply fluoride to help strengthen them. This also gives you the chance to gain the knowledge to properly care for your oral health at home.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your dentist can help detect early signs of oral cancer by conducting a screening exam during a regular checkup. Early detection can help with the success rates of cancer treatments. 

Our oral cancer screenings are painless and are performed in our comprehensive exams. We carefully examine all oral soft tissues and check for anything out of the ordinary.


Fillings are used to fill in holes in the teeth due to chipping or tooth decay. There are a variety of filling material options; your dentist can help you decide which material will work best for you.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a procedure that may be required when something such as trauma or tooth decay has affected the nerve of your tooth. During a root canal, your dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding gums before removing any tooth decay and the affected nerve. The tooth is then cleaned and sealed. A dental crown is typically recommended to protect the weakened tooth after root canal therapy.

Teeth Extraction

Although it is not ideal, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary. We do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth, but some conditions can lead to extractions, such as holes or cavities, teeth that are not correctly aligned, teeth suffering from gum disease, bone loss, or wisdom teeth.  

To make the process as comfortable as possible, we offer various forms of sedation for the procedure and provide thorough post-operative instructions for home care.